How The Crossing came to be ~

This past weekend we were so stoked to have found and bought a little memento of the rich history surrounding us up here on the mountain!
On Saturday morning, we set off for breakfast at our favorite local joint for french toast at PersNIKKItysCafe. I think we have officially tried all the menu options of twisted french toast. To date, the Nutty Pig is our favorite indulgence and a must-try if you are as much of a peanut butter fan as I am.

With our bellies full, we set off to check out the much-anticipated Lamell’s in Linden, where we found our treasure, this glorious White Mountain Line metal sign! We intend to give it a place of honor in our outdoor entertainment area that we are naming “The Crossing.” 

This beautiful gem was created by a local to commemorate the old McNary Railroad that ran between McNary and Maveric from the mid-’60s until 1976, when it was shut down. The line was initially built as a logging line in 1916 and ran out of Holbrook to the lumber camp at Colley Flat (now known as Pinetop and Lakeside.) 

In the 1960s, when the mill became more dependent on trucking to haul lumber, the train was sidelined for a period and then transitioned into a scenic line that ran during the summer months. Passenger cars, a club car, and observation cars were added, and for as little as $5.95, a passenger could buy a box lunch and over five hours enjoy a round trip ride through the majestic White Mountains.

As we continue getting #TheKullB&B ready for guests, we are continually amazed at the beauty and history surrounding us up here and are so excited to share what we are learning with our guests. This desire is what has ignited our passion for creating #TheCrossing, our outdoor entertainment area that we hope will be a place for get-together and share a bit of their story.

It is here at The Gathering that our new piece of art will hang to remind all that look upon it to slow down and enjoy the ride as we roll on down the track’s life.