The Green House at The Kull

‘The radiant one inside me, has never said a word, take my soul to that place where I may speak without words.”

- Rumi

When my boys were little, at least once or twice a summer, we would journey into the city and visit Lincoln Park Zoo. What a magical place to experience for the kid in all of us. My boys are grown men now, but I remember those adventures as if we took them last week.

It was on one such trip that I first stumbled upon the Lincoln Park Zoo Conservatory. It was a mesmerizing place from the moment I stepped into its humid, aromatic, earthy atmosphere. To this day, I cannot explain why it had such a profound impact on my soul, but over the next 25 plus years, that greenhouse (or at least the way that greenhouse made me feel) has occupied the deep recesses of my being. When I was stressed or sad or simply needed to escape the crazies of the world for a few moments, my mind would take me to my greenhouse place. Over the years, I fantasized about one day having a greenhouse. When people would ask, “what would you do if you won the lottery” my mind always went to my greenhouse.

When Greg and I first came to look at the property that would become The Kull B&B, you can only imagine my excitement when I learned of the greenhouse on the property. From the moment I turned the doorknob, I was absolutely and unequivocally head over heels in love!

God love Greg; he is such a good sport and, he is the best partner a woman could be blessed to have by her side. He supports me in ways that go beyond reason and without question. With a million projects on the to-do list, he pushed up his sleeves and got dirty with me. 
From a creepy-crawly, forgotten place, we pulled everything out and got to work recreating the space. It is our sincere hope that no words need be spoken to hear the message of peace and love that flows from every nook and cranny of The Greenhouse at The Kull. We hope that it becomes a space of reflection and wonder to our guests as they spend time with us here at The Kull B&B.