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The Kull | Highlighted in the Arizona Monthly Media Brief

Summer 2022

Newly Renovated Bed & Breakfast in Pinetop-Lakeside Offers Enchanting Woodland Wonderland Experience

Those looking to follow the road less traveled and enjoy the ultimate “hidden gem” getaway in Arizona will rejoice as The Kull, Pinetop-Lakeside’s only bed and breakfast, recently announced the completion of its year-and-a-half-long renovation that touched all aspects of the property. Nestled within the world’s largest Ponderosa Pine Forrest and a stone’s throw away from the picturesque Woodland Lake, The Kull is housed within a historic stone cottage that artfully marries comfortable rustic charm and its rugged outdoor surroundings to deliver an enchanting woodland wonderland experience. Throughout the renovation, the property owners put an extensive focus on preserving the rich history of their little bungalow while giving a modern touch to each of the common areas and guestrooms with new paint and furnishings, artwork, and stylish accent pieces, all sourced locally when possible. 

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